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About Move Forward Counseling

Move Forward Counseling offers both in-person and online counseling in the state of Pennsylvania.

Our History & Philosophy

Move Forward Counseling LLC was started in September 2015 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Alison Pidgeon, MA, LPC. Her vision was to provide excellent mental health care for the community as well as a great place to work for its staff. Over the years Move Forward Counseling has grown from a staff of 2 to almost 30 employees.

We believe that therapy should be a place where all people can feel safe, comfortable, and supported as they change their lives. Change is never easy, but with the support of our caring and experienced therapists, you can start to make changes that you feel happy about. Therapy is an individualized experience, and we will work with you to figure out what is important to you and help you determine the best ways to meet your goals.

Why the Name "Move Forward Counseling?"

In the early days of the practice Alison, our founder, was the one answering the phone to schedule new clients. She noticed that clients often mentioned they “felt stuck” and had tried everything they knew to solve their problem, but it still wasn’t working and that’s why they were calling for counseling services.

Around the same time, Alison came across this quote on a piece of artwork, “Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.” It was then she realized the clients who were calling because they felt “stuck” were really looking for a way to “move forward” in life. And so Move Forward Counseling became the permanent name of the practice.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We seek to create a diverse community where people feel equal and live freely without stigma related to mental health treatment.

Want to know more about what makes Move Forward Counseling different? Read more about our values and how they affect our clients, staff and the community in a positive way.

Meet Our Therapists

We offer many specialized counseling services by highly trained, licensed therapists. Use the filters below to connect with a therapist that can help.

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Are You Ready To Take The First Step?

Reach out today to get started. Our supportive staff will help guide you through the scheduling process, discuss special requests and consult your insurance needs.

Move Forward Counseling Locations

We offer in-person therapy in our Lancaster and Pittsburgh offices. We can help people all over the state with online therapy in Pennsylvania. So, we can help you in Hershey, Philly, College Station, Allentown, Scranton, York, Harrisburg, Erie, and beyond!