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Lilly Knopic,


Lilly Knopic


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Therapy Techniques:

ACT, DBT, Mindfulness

About Lilly Knopic

Hello, I’m Lilly Knopic (she/her). Welcome to my page!

Many of us experience more unwanted emotions than the preferred ones, which can prompt our unhelpful reactions. If you have difficulty accepting or coping with a problem in life, I welcome you to begin therapy sessions with me. I can also support you if you’re having difficulty managing anxiety, depression, grief, or unhelpful thinking patterns.

Our Sessions Together

I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. I will partner with you to create a plan to meet your unique and specific needs. It takes courage to seek help to build your “life worth living.” Visiting my page is one step closer to finding the support you need. I hope for the opportunity to learn all about your story, and I look forward to being on this journey alongside you.

My Education, Specialties, and Skills

I’ve worked in the mental health field for 17 years. In addition to earning my Masters in Counseling with dual credits in clinical and school counseling, I’ve worked in community-based behavioral health programming with children and families, partial programming, and group therapy. My experience in mental health includes training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and the Polyvagal Theory

ACT and DBT will guide you to learn effective mental habits that increase your well-being and improve your emotion regulation skills. ACT is an evidence-based approach that teaches you strategies to take committed action related to what matters most to you. I will help you release your inner critic and persist in being open and engaged in your values. I will guide you through the processes of developing problem-solving techniques, including skill-building related to mindfulness, self-compassion, and acceptance.

Therapy for Mothers

Currently, I also support adults navigating a variety of life transitions. More specifically, due to my own life experiences, I support mothers and those in the perinatal chapter of life. Therapy for mothers provides a space to prioritize needs when so many daily expectations involve focusing on others.

About Me

I enjoy focusing on myself through movement, listening to music and podcasts, and spending time outdoors. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting and ceramics, so I enjoy any outlet where I can be creative, such as decorating, gardening, and painting landscape scenes.

Daily self-care and self-compassion skills are important in my life, especially as we know these actions release the “feel good” transmitters and prompt more balanced emotions to help us move through stress. I am passionate about being present and supporting ways to improve moments in your life.

PA License #: PC011386

Lilly Knopic’s Availability

Lilly Knopic provides online therapy sessions to anyone in Pennsylvania.

Lilly Knopic's Specialties

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