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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Move Forward Counseling Mission Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Move Forward Counseling’s Mission, Vision, and Values are the foundation of our business.  We are a B-Corporation-certified,  woman-owned, and woman-founded since 2015.

Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives through excellent mental health outpatient therapy in Pennsylvania.

Vision Statement

A diverse community where people feel equal and live freely without stigma related to mental health treatment.

Our Values

Customer Service

We improve our community by providing excellent care in an area struggling to meet the demand for mental health services. We exceed our client’s expectations by providing services that help them make positive progress in their life.

Professional Integrity & Excellence

We provide jobs for therapists where they are free to do their best work, get paid fairly, and have adequate resources to care for themselves and their families. Our clinicians are experts in their specialization, have access to ongoing training to improve their skills, and will go above and beyond to help their clients make positive progress in their lives.


Innovation and continuous improvement are the keys to survival. We monitor our processes and systems to improve efficiency and provide our clients with valuable service. We seek new ways to solve problems and remain flexible in doing so. We will ultimately solve problems in a ” win-win ” way for everyone involved; clients, staff, and the business, even if it takes hard work.


Communicating in an open, honest, and transparent way is essential to our success. We value direct communication to solve problems before they grow bigger and allow everyone involved to feel they have genuine relationships. Staff is encouraged to say “no” if they think they are not the best person to help a client.


We provide an environment that is safe and affirming to all. We believe everyone is doing their best, and we meet clients where they are. In addition, our office environment is beautiful, comfortable, and caters to clients’ needs. Whenever possible, we provide accessibility by offering online services, handicapped parking & entrances, comfortable waiting rooms, and gender-neutral restrooms.