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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Understanding why you keep fighting with your spouse, co-workers, or friends is frustrating. So, constant conflicts are draining. An upsetting event happens in your life. The emotional pain is so unbearable that you choose to cope poorly. So, you often feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. It ends up being exhausting. These are all typical experiences of someone who would benefit from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Who can DBT help?

DBT was created to treat Borderline Personality Disorder. However,  in recent years, research has shown that DBT effectively treats many mental health concerns. Some of these include:

What about DBT skills?

If you’re looking for DBT, you’ve likely heard about “DBT skills.”  Have you wondered what these skills are all about?  They are particular skills that can help you live a better life.  It’s a vast range of skills. The idea is that you can use one of these skills in almost any stressful situation you face.

Additionally, DBT skills can be adapted to treat many different types of symptoms that are a result of different kinds of diagnoses. Here is a list of typical problems people struggle with that could benefit from DBT:

DBT Therapy Can help with Anxiety Treatment and Depression Therapy

Learning skills and strategies to help yourself be mindful, tolerate distress, regulate emotions, and get along better with others are the four areas that DBT focuses on. Below is a description of each of the four skill sets.

  • Mindfulness: You are taught how to focus on the present and what is happening around you—the touch and feel of things, sounds, images, etc. By learning how to do this, you can also learn to pay attention to what is going on inside of you—your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and impulses— in non-judgmental ways. These skills help you to stay calm and avoid engaging in negative thought patterns and impulsive behavior. 
  • Tolerating Distress: This teaches you how to accept yourself and your current situation. You may have been taught to tolerate a crisis using distraction, self-soothing, finding ways to improve the moment, or turning to the pros and cons list. This helps you maintain a more positive outlook long term.
  • Emotional Regulation: Counselors work with clients to identify, name, and change their intense negative emotions. Recognizing and coping with these emotions can reduce their emotional vulnerability and help them experience life more positively.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Clients are taught to be more assertive in their relationships, i.e., saying “no” and sharing their needs. They are taught how to listen, communicate, deal with difficult people, and respect themselves and others by setting boundaries. It is all about keeping relationships positive and healthy. 

Move Forward Counseling’s Approach to DBT

We have several therapists on staff who have been trained in DBT and are ready to help you. Our provider practice “DBT-informed” treatment meaning that we work with individuals on an outpatient basis to learn DBT skills and how to apply them. We do not currently offer a complete DBT program, typically involving group therapy and individual treatment. If your therapist determines this type of program would be more effective for you, they can refer you to an agency in the community that provides this treatment.

What is Holding You Back From Starting DBT Therapy?

It can be challenging to decide to start therapy. Sometimes, people are afraid to admit they have been engaging in unhealthy coping behaviors, such as abusing substances or cutting. They fear judgment from others or think they are the only person going through these types of problems.

We always provide a non-judgmental space so you feel comfortable sharing whatever you need to to start feeling better. We have treated many clients going through similar issues and have the right tools available to help you.

Begin DBT Therapy in Pennsylvania

You don’t have to live with the constant feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster and feeling hurt by the people you care about. Counseling can help you manage your emotions more effectively and improve your relationships with others. Our Pennsylvania mental health private practice has caring therapists specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  • Call our office at 717-462-7003 to be matched with the right therapist and schedule your first appointment.
  • Meet with one of our expert DBT therapists.
  • Start learning DBT skills and practicing them in your life so you can start feeling better.

Meet Our DBT Therapists

Move Forward Counseling has caring and experienced therapists specializing in anxiety therapy in Pennsylvania.

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Other Therapy Services at Move Forward Counseling

Dialectical Behavior Therapy isn’t all we offer in our therapy offices. We can provide online therapy in Pennsylvania, no matter where you are in the state. Additionally, we offer therapy for anxietydepression treatmenttrauma therapyrelationship counseling, and more. Furthermore, our therapists provide specialized services for LGBTQ+ issuestherapy for life transitionscaregiver stress, and infertility counseling. Finally, we help teenstwenty-somethings, and anyone dealing with body image issues find a way to move forward. Contact us today to get started!

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