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Whitney Kopco,


Whitney Kopco


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About Whitney Kopco

Hi! I’m Whitney Kopco (she/her)! I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), which is just a fancy way of saying I’m someone you can talk to about anything. Ultimately, I’m trained in how to listen and help!

Helping people who wish they had extra support and encouragement, who don’t have anybody they can trust, is essential to me. Some people are uncomfortable talking to the people they trust, like their parents, about specific topics. I can support you in feeling more comfortable expressing your feelings, gaining confidence, and learning new communication skills and behaviors to have healthier and more rewarding relationships with your parents, family, and friends.

Teens and Young Women

Working with teenagers and young women from all over the country, I know it can be tough to find people who understand you and don’t judge you for being unique. Also, I know from my experiences that there can be stressful life stuff, and you need others to lean on during difficult times. My clients often tell me I’m nerdy sometimes but then kind of cool other times, and they like that because I’m not afraid to be myself. By setting an example of confidence and being my authentic self, other young women can learn to take pride in who they are.

Background and Training

I grew up in Lancaster County and attended Hempfield High School. I received an Ivy League graduate education and completed two Master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Psychological Services and Professional Counseling. In 2010, I became licensed and a National Certified Counselor.

Let’s Be Courageous

I believe in the power of courageous young women. We can change our world for the better, and it starts within ourselves. Everyone deserves to be happy and treated with kindness, respect, and decency. That is why I’d like to get to know you and help with your unique life circumstances. I hope you call today to schedule an appointment with me.

PA License #PC005658

Whitney Kopco’s Availability

Whitney Kopco offers online therapy sessions to females in Pennsylvania.

Whitney Kopco's Specialties

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