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Susan Mallory,

Scheduling Manager

About Susan Mallory

My name is Susan Mallory.  I have an associate degree in business management. I have worked in different career fields, from managing fine dining restaurants to being a certified real estate agent in the insurance field.  I have worked in health care for the last five years, where I found my passion for helping others with their healthcare needs.  Our health, whether it is mental or personal, is so important to feel our absolute best and succeed in our life’s journey. 

I am excited about being on the team at MFC to continue my passion for helping others with their mental well-being.  

I enjoy spending time with my son, family, and friends on my time off.   I can be found on the golf course with my son watching him play.  I love to cook and try new recipes and spend time at the dam on the boat relaxing in the sun.   Most of my family is local, so we are close and spend most weekends together.  I cherish the time I have with them and my friends.

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