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Charlotte Leckow,

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Marketing Officer


About Charlotte Leckow

Much of my career has centered on business development, community relations, communications, and marketing for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. I started my position with Move Forward Counseling, LLP, in May 2022. I’m proud to say that as a team, we have grown from two offices and about thirty-five employees serving Lancaster and Hershey to seven offices and over seventy employees serving the entire Commonwealth of PA.

My work is supported by a passion for supporting people seeking mental wellness, solutions to poverty, and an understanding of how to access human services. 

My Education

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and a Bachelor’s Degree in Russian Language (with a German Language double major) from Michigan State University. I also have a PA real estate license in escrow.


My current role is leading the marketing, communications, community relations, and business development efforts to help meet the increasing demand for mental health education and therapy in Pennsylvania. We have online and in-person therapists whose work is the foundation of this growing PA business and a healthy community. I build community partnerships and use the MFC website and social media to help end mental health stigma. Our ultimate goal is to connect therapists to clients and clients to the specialized therapy they need.

#antipoverty #communityaction #DEI

I last came from the Community Action Association of PA (CAAP) as the Communications Director. I supported and collaborated with 42 Community Action Agencies that provide anti-poverty programs and services at the community level, enabling Pennsylvanians to reach and maintain self-sufficiency. Through internal and external communications, I helped reduce the stigma of living in poverty through storytelling, advocating for people to seek help, and encouraging residents across PA to practice diversity, equity, and inclusion at home and in the workplace.  

#mentalhealthmatters #stopsuicide

Before that, I was the Marketing Coordinator for Mental Health America of Lancaster County, managing marketing, communications, community engagement, events, and media relations. I was a Co-Chair of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Lancaster County, creating and participating in community, educational, and stop-suicide events alongside organizations like AEVIDUMTeen Hope, and BHDS. One of my projects was partnering with the Lancaster Veterans Affairs office to promote and distribute gun locks to the community, aiming to reduce unsecured firearms in our homes and death by firearms everywhere.


Managing the social media pages, business development, community relations, website administration, SEO, analytics, media relations, and email marketing have been central to helping people find, understand, and access support and help.

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