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Educational & Psychoeducational Groups

Online Groups in Pennsylvania

Who can benefit? 

This skills group is intended for adults (18+) in Pennsylvania who want to improve their mood resulting from sadness, depression, excessive worry, or relationship issues. The group will benefit people whose mood seems to interfere with their ability to move toward their goals and values.

Participants will also learn communication skills that will empower them to improve relationships, personal interactions, and their ability to be assertive in reaching their goals constructively. This group differs from traditional psychotherapy process groups and focuses on acquiring and mastering DBT skills. Dr. Williams-Myers will help explain DBT skills, but you are welcome to read a related article.

Another unique quality of the skills group is the guarantee that participation will be limited to six to eight people per session. You’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills and feel like it’s individualized to meet your needs.  

Download the above image here.

This online group meets for 14 consecutive weeks, ongoing throughout the year.

  • Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET.
  • The cost for the group is self-pay and not covered by insurance. The cost is $560 total. We offer a payment plan option: $560 is split into four payments of $140. The payments are debited bi-weekly. The first debit is required before the group starts. The class cannot be prorated.
  • All participants need to complete an intake session, which may be billable to insurance.  
  • The group is open to current MFC and non-current MFC clients.

What Can I Expect? 

Each week, participants will be presented with skills to build upon each other. Dr. Williams-Myers is happy to speak with you via phone or email if you have any questions and for help determining if the group could meet your needs. 

Sign up for the skills group by scheduling your individual intake session with Dr. Williams-Myers. 

Sign Up or Inquiries

Ask about the timing of the current 14-week session going on now. We are forming a list for additional online skills groups at later dates.

Sign up for the group or inquire further.

More Reading & Resources

Feminine Spectrum Empowerment Group

Who can benefit?

The Feminine Spectrum Empowerment Group is an inclusive and supportive community designed specifically for women and nonbinary individuals. The meetings are a safe space to connect, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals. By attending, members will gain access to a network of supportive peers and empowering resources tailored to address issues that women and non-binary individuals face in daily life.

Our discussions will cover a diverse range of topics; we will explore self-care strategies, relationship building, navigating societal expectations, and overcoming barriers in various professional and personal settings. Join us to amplify your voice, embrace your identity, and work towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

Who is invited to join the group?

Women and nonbinary people, ages 18 and older.

What will you gain by attending?

Peer Support, psychoeducation on gender issues, healthcare issues, and historical gender roles, coping strategies, strategies for self-advocacy, and relationship education.  

This online group meets for 10 consecutive weeks, excluding holidays.

The next session begins August 12, 2024. Registration is open now.

When: Mondays at 6 pm on a HIPAA-compliant Zoom meeting.

Cost: $15 per meeting for 10 weeks (excluding holidays). $150 is due at the time of registration.

How to register or ask additional questions: Email Maggy Parsons at

Group Hosts:

Maggy Parsons (she/her), an Intern Therapist completing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lebanon Valley College. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to help clients navigate life’s challenges with personalized and compassionate care. Her diverse experiences include internships at a Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center and an inpatient mental health facility.

Courtney McComb (she/they) is an Intern Therapist from Capella University who is passionate about finding people’s personal strengths and helping them grow. She has worked with a diverse group of individuals of all ages and has been a strong advocate for women’s rights, disability awareness and advocacy, and LGBTQIA+ rights. 

Brandi Whitman (she/her), LCSW, is a Clinical Supervisor and Licensed Therapist who attends the group in a guidance and support role for the group leaders.

Emotional Toolbox Group

Who can benefit?

Children who might benefit from a social opportunity intended to be fun and socially educational simultaneously.  Emotional intelligence is a key component of mental wellness, and learning about our emotions is something that anyone can learn! Naming and understanding our emotions can bring balance to our inner world. 

The first step in taking care of our mental well-being is understanding our emotions. Learning about what emotions are and how they affect us (The CBT Triangle) helps us keep our emotional states balanced and regulated.  Learn more about CBT, an evidenced-based therapy with over 2,000 studies on it.  This is a psycho

Skill-building activities are centered around:

  • What are emotions?
  • How do emotions “feel”?
  • Learning how to practice naming our emotions.
  • Learning mindfulness techniques.
  • Putting it all together to learn the CBT triangle.

Who is invited to join the group?

All children between the ages of seven and ten years old.

What will you gain by attending?

  • The group will engage in crafts involving personifying our emotions, drawings, stories, charades, and guess-that-emotion games. 
  • Participants engage in mindfulness techniques, such as breathing techniques, blowing bubbles, and the skill of “being present.”
  • The children will learn about how our emotions “show up.”
  • Build emotional intelligence skills.
  • Learn how emotions affect our mental health.
  • Practice healthy coping exercises and emotional regulation techniques.
  • Psychoeducation through interactive and creative exercises.
Group Goal:  Improved Emotional Intelligence!

The session begins in July 2024. Dates, timeframes, and the number of sessions will be finalized soon.

When: This in-person group will run daily (Monday through Friday) for one week, with a 90-minute session per day. The location is coming soon.

Cost: The group is free to attend.  Registration is required by emailing Leah King.

How to register or ask additional questions: Email Leah King, MS, Pre-Licensed Therapist, at

Group Hosts:

Leah King (she/her), MS, Pre-Licensed Therapist, believes people grow and thrive when given the opportunity to discover their potential and inner strength. Curating a safe environment to help kids grow and heal is extremely important to her.