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Online Group in Pennsylvania

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Who can benefit? 

This skills group is intended for adults (18+) in Pennsylvania who want to improve their mood resulting from sadness, depression, excessive worry, or relationship issues. The group will benefit people whose mood seems to interfere with their ability to move toward their goals and values.

Participants will also learn communication skills that will empower them to improve relationships, personal interactions, and the ability to be assertive in reaching their goals in a constructive way. This group differs from traditional psychotherapy process groups and focuses on acquiring and mastering DBT skills. Dr. Williams-Myers will help explain what DBT skills are, but you are welcome to also read a related article.

Another unique quality of the skills group is the guarantee that participation will be limited to six to eight people per session.  You’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills and feel like it’s individualized to meet your needs.  

The Group Location, Times, and Fees

This online group meets for 14 consecutive weeks starting in January 2024.

  • Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET.
  • The cost for the group is self-pay and not covered by insurance. The cost is $560 total. We offer a payment plan option: $560 is split into four payments of $140. The payments are debited bi-weekly. The first debit is required before the group starts. The class cannot be prorated.
  • All participants need to complete an intake session, which may be billable to insurance.  
  • The group is open to current MFC and non-current MFC clients.

What Can I Expect? 

Each week, participants will be presented with skills to build upon each other.  Dr. Williams-Myers is happy to speak with you via phone or email if you have any questions and for help determining if the group could meet your needs. 

Sign up for the skills group by scheduling your individual intake session with Dr. Williams-Myers. 

Sign Up or Inquiries

If the current session’s timing does not fit you well, we are forming a waiting list for additional online skills groups at later dates.

Sign up for the group or inquire further.

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