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About Megan Saul

Hi, my name is Megan Saul.

My Background

I am a Licensed Practicing Counselor (LPC). I received my Master’s Degree from Marywood University and have worked in the mental health field for seven years. I have worked with many clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as teens and adults suffering from grief and addiction.

I am a solution-focused and person-centered therapist. By identifying unhealthy patterns and creating individualized treatment plans through a deeper understanding of those patterns, I provide the means to learn and maintain healthier behaviors and the wisdom to avoid their pitfalls.

Coming to Therapy

I know that when someone is coming to therapy, they are looking for something, whether understanding themselves or the things happening in their lives. My focus is to help navigate you to that understanding, so you feel more capable and confident to deal with any issue.

From my first psych class in college, I knew I wanted to encourage, support, and help people in some capacity. I found my love for Psychology working in all aspects of the field, from being a case manager and crisis worker, all while making my way through college, to working as an outpatient therapist for another four years before coming to Move Forward Counseling.

About Me

I try to find a healthy balance between my job and my life at home. So I make a conscious effort to appreciate my little moments with my family, friends, and pets because they ground me and allow me to be present. I enjoy making meals for those I love, and when not inside, I enjoy the outdoors, including kayaking, gardening (including my crazy indoor forest), and camping.

I look forward to meeting you and starting a new journey together.

Megan Saul Availability

Megan Saul is available for online therapy anywhere in Pennsylvania.

PA License #PC012729

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