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Eating Disorders Therapy

Counseling for Eating Disorders in Lancaster, Lancaster Downtown, Hershey, Lebanon, Lehigh Valley, Pittsburgh, York, or Online Anywhere in Pennsylvania

Counseling for Eating Disorders in Pennsylvania

Do you ever restrict your eating to lose weight or prevent weight gain? Do you think or worry about food and body weight a lot? Do you struggle with body image? Are there periods where you eat much more than is typical in one sitting? Do you ever purge to prevent weight gain? Have you ever abused laxatives or another medication to avoid weight gain? Do you feel guilty, disgusted, or depressed after eating?  Do you compulsively overeat and not understand why?
If any of these describe you, you might be struggling with disordered eating. A counseling for eating disorders therapist from our team can help.

Common Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Some symptoms include the following:

Counseling for Eating Disorders in Pennsylvania Can Help

If you are struggling with symptoms of an eating disorder, then therapy can help! Our experienced, caring therapists are trained to help people cope with underlying depressionanxiety, or trauma. They have supported many clients in creating a healthier relationship with food. Clients can expect a disordered eating therapist who is kind and supportive and understands how to help those struggling with disordered eating. Our clients have told us they feel safe, supported, and hopeful with therapy. And, with therapy for eating disorders, they feel better prepared to deal with life stress.

Move Forward Counseling’s Approach to Counseling for Eating Disorders

We provide counseling for eating disorders in Pennsylvania. We understand that everyone is unique. While you are not alone, everyone’s experience is a little different. Therefore, an eating disorder therapist can devise a custom plan to help you address your underlying mental health symptoms. They can also help you develop healthier coping skills. Together, you can improve your relationship with food. Furthermore, our therapists use research-based interventions. They are effective with those struggling with disordered eating.

Begin Counseling for Eating Disorders in Pennsylvania

You don’t have to live with anxiety, depression, or hopelessness due to disordered eating. An Eating Disorder Therapist can help you feel happier and healthier. We have experienced therapists who specialize in therapy for eating disorders. To start therapy today, follow these simple steps:
  • Let a caring therapist know you are looking for help with an eating disorder.
  • Meet with one of our therapists, and start living a healthier and happier life.

Other Services at Move Forward Counseling

Therapy for eating disorders is not the only service available from Move Forward Counseling. We offer therapy to anyone aged six and older. This includes trauma therapy, therapy for anxiety, therapy for moms, therapy for LGBTQ, and depression therapy. We also offer DBT, CBT, therapy for teens, therapy for work stress, relationship counseling, and more. Learn more by contacting us today!

Meet Our Eating Disorders Therapists

Move Forward Counseling has caring and experienced therapists specializing in counseling and therapy for teens.

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We offer in-person Counseling for Eating Disorders in all our therapy offices. We can help people all over the state with online therapy in Pennsylvania. 

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