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Jamie Mase,


About Jamie Mase

I joined MFC recently after spending five years working as a medical assistant in women’s health. I have a long history in the customer service industry and a strong desire to help humans enjoy their journey and get the most out of life. I find happiness in the joy of others and consider myself lucky to do that professionally. I am passionate about organization and live by the mantra “smarter, not harder,” and I believe a great system will constantly improve it.

My family is the best thing I get to enjoy in life. I have two children in elementary school who are involved in sports, dance, 4H, and anything else my husband and I agree to, which most recently includes two hermit crabs. We also have a dog, DAX, a well-blended breed we rescued during the Pandemic – Rescue is genuinely the best breed, and we are so thankful for the incredible rescue agencies in Pennsylvania. I married into a dairy farming family who breeds beautiful Brown Swiss and has taught me, a “city girl,” how to keep up with them. 

We spend much of our spare time working, milking, and preparing for dairy shows. I’m proud to be an aunt to the greatest nieces and nephews and enjoy spending as much time with them as possible! When we aren’t focused on work, animals, or activities, I love to read, kayak, travel (any beach is fine, but I LOVE the ocean) & adventure, craft, watch hockey games & bake.

I am so glad to be a part of anyone’s quest for health and happiness, and I look forward to being a helpful interaction along the way.  -Jamie

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