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Therapy Services In Pennsylvania

At Move Forward Counseling we provide mental health therapy for individuals age 6 and up.

Let's Get Started

At Move Forward Counseling we provide individual mental health therapy for children 6 and up and adults of all genders. We employ licensed therapists who have expertise in specific types of therapy and/or with specific populations.

If we do not provide the specific type of therapy you are looking for, our administrative assistant can give you contact information for other therapists in the area who would better meet your needs. Our hope is that you find the right help for you, even if that isn’t necessarily with us.

Our Specialties

At Move Forward Counseling, our therapists specialize in many issues that affect people of all genders. One of our values has always been to provide excellent mental health services to the community.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step?

Reach out today to get started. Our supportive staff will help guide you through the scheduling process, discuss special requests and consult your insurance needs.

Our Therapeutic Techniques

Many of our therapists have specialized training in the evidence-based treatments listed below.