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Move Forward Counseling is partnering with Legislators, organizations, and businesses across PA to advocate for the passing of legislation that will help mental health professionals meet the demand for high-quality therapy for Pennsylvanians.  Access to, and education on, mental health support is critical to ending the stigma and helping people connect with professional care.

The Counseling Compact

Your voice matters in asking Legislators to vote YES to opening Counseling professionals’ licensure across state lines.  Both House and Senate bills are being introduced in the January 2023 session.

We all can help advocate for two bills in the 2023 – 2024 Regular Session. 

Here’s how:

1. Copy and paste the following two letters provided by the Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA).

2. Use this link to find your local representatives’ emails; for both the House and Senate.

3. Spread the word!  Reach out to colleagues, social media groups, and organizations you belong to.  Ask them to submit letters to their Legislators also.  Use these graphics below to help you get started with a link to this page for all the resources they need to help advocate with legislators for the passing of these two bills.

What is the Counseling Compact?

The Counseling Compact is an interstate compact, or a contract among states, allowing professional counselors licensed and residing in a compact member state to practice in other compact member states without needing multiple licenses.

Please pass this on and share it with your colleagues and friends. Could you ask for their support?

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Pennsylvania Counseling Association

The Pennsylvania Counseling Association (PCA) represents and advocates for all professionals and professionals in training at the regional, state, and national level as one of the largest state branches of the American Counseling Association with over 500 members, eight divisions, and three regional chapters.

Dr. Madeleine Stevens

Dr. Madeleine Stevens

Dr. Madeleine Stevens is the PCA Government Relations Committee (GRC) Chair and is now she focuses on the importance of legislative advocacy to strengthen the services that PA Counselors provide, with a call for PA Counselors to join the PCA.  Write to Dr. Stevens or visit the PCA website to learn more and how to join.

“The Interstate Counseling Compact will enhance PA counselors’ licensure portability while also increasing access to care for clients.  The PA Counseling Association supports legislation that promotes a strong, unified counseling profession, and we’re eager for PA counselors to join us!

Dr. Madeleine (Maddie) Stevens (she/her), Ph.D., LPC (Ohio), NCC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Counselor Education and School Psychology, Duquesne University

Matthew Nice

Dr. Matthew Nice

Dr. Matthew Nice is the President of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association. Write to Dr. Nice or visit the PCA to learn more about how to join PCA.

“The Pennsylvania Counseling Association supports the Interstate Counseling Compact, which ensures reciprocity across state lines for practicing counselors across Pennsylvania. Please join us on these initiatives!”

Matthew L Nice (he/him), Ph.D, LPC, NCC, ACS, President- Pennsylvania Counseling Association, Assistant Professor- Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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