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About Arielle Ferry

Hi! My name is Arielle Ferry, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.

My Background

I graduated from the University of Scranton with a Master’s in Community Mental Health Counseling in 2014. Since then, I have worked in community mental health and substance use treatment settings. 

Focus and Specialties

I enjoy working with men, women, and families experiencing mental health issues, substance use, life transitions, or trauma. I also enjoy working with prepartum and postpartum women as they begin motherhood.

I utilize various techniques to explore counseling concerns, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Relational Therapy. I aim to explore all problems from a strengths-based perspective. I am passionate about empowering individuals to find ways to recognize their needs and work toward having those needs met.

Creating a Safe Place

The therapeutic relationship is the tool that starts healing. My initial goal for my clients is that they feel comfortable and cared for. I prioritize the therapeutic relationship by bringing my genuine self to treatment, using open communication, and sharing in laughter and check-ins to help make the environment warm and safe. Once you feel safe, the work can begin.

About Me

When I’m not working, I spend time with my family, friends, and my dog, Frankie. I also like to read, watch movies and relax.

Arielle Ferry Availability

Arielle Ferry is available for online therapy for anyone in Pennsylvania.

PA License #PC009284

Arielle Ferry's Specialties

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