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About Katie Greevy

Hi, I’m Katie Greevy!

My Therapy Approach

I use an eclectic approach to therapy – all that means is that I take techniques from lots of different types of therapy to help you understand yourself and encourage change. I often use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help reduce anxiety, cope with the residual impact of trauma, increase my ability to manage depression symptoms, and improve self-esteem. I create a non-judgmental and calm space for you to explore and work through feelings, thoughts, images, and beliefs that may keep you stuck. In addition, I provide feedback about how to increase self-awareness to make positive, healthy changes.

Tools for Self-Development

If you struggle with the effects of anxiety, depression, and the impact of past trauma, I will help give you the tools so that you can get back on track and start living your best life.

I help you identify common, unhealthy thought patterns and work with you to create healthier thoughts and behaviors that increase happiness and satisfaction. Because if we focus on developing and believing more positive thoughts, our emotional health improves as well.

My Background

I am a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania and graduated from Millersville University with my Master’s in Clinical Psychology in 2010. I’ve been working in the field for 11 years. My clinical experience includes individual counseling, substance abuse counseling, mobile therapy, and behavioral consulting.

About Me

When not in the office, I’m outside as much as possible and enjoy almost anything active – hiking, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming. I try my hand at gardening with mixed results (between a green and black thumb). And I have a Weimaraner with loads of energy to keep me busy!

Katie Greevy Availability

Katie Greevy provides online teletherapy sessions to anyone in Pennsylvania.

PA License #PC008301

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