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Faith Ann Day,






Therapy Techniques:

CBT, DBT, Mindfulness

About Faith Ann Day

Hello, I’m Faith Ann Day (she/her), an alumnus of Lancaster Bible College-Capital Seminary & Graduate School, where I earned my Masters in Family, Couple, and Marriage Counseling.

Why I’m an LPC

My passion for the mental health field started at a young age when I developed a deep curiosity for human behavior (why we do what we do) and the inner workings of relationships (how people relate to one another).  This interest continued to grow as I witnessed the suffering and injustice of others throughout my life. From this, I accepted that suffering is a part of life, but no one should suffer alone.

My Mission to Help You

I value life and relationships, and we can all benefit from having support in navigating challenging life circumstances. In the context of a safe and trusting relationship, we experience the power of hope and cathartic healing.  I aim to treat you with dignity and respect as you courageously embark on your mental health journey. Whether others have hurt you, you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, are stunted by depression, or are simply trying to adjust (and work through) challenging life transitions and adversities, my mission is to empower you to find your voice and strength within to begin taking steps towards healing and health.

A Framework for Therapy 

My framework is built on a foundation in family systems, where I worked for several years to help strengthen and stabilize families involving a child or adolescent with severe emotional disturbances. I transitioned to an outpatient therapist, where I briefly provided in drug & alcohol counseling before moving to full-time mental health services.

My Experience & Specialties

As an outpatient therapist, I have experience working with all different ages, populations, and diagnoses. I approach therapy with a trauma-informed lens and incorporate skills to help you embrace a more mindfully enriched life. Offering an eclectic approach to treatment, I also include cognitive behavioral therapy techniques (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) elements, and an overall client-centered, collaborative outlook that allows me to meet you where you are.

Lastly, I love incorporating therapeutic play and art for children as children express themselves best through these avenues. For all ages, I integrate mindful self-compassion and acceptance-based practices.  

About Faith Ann Day

Outside of my role as a therapist, my interests include learning more about the mental health field through researching and reading/attending seminars and training didactics, cheering on my favorite sports teams and arts & crafts, going on walks outside, and spending quality time with friends and family. However, my favorite role in life is being a devoted mother.

“All pain deserves to be held in the warm embrace of compassion so that healing can occur.”  ― Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself.

PA License #PC014273

Faith Ann Day’s Availability

Faith Ann offers online sessions to anyone in Pennsylvania and in-person sessions at the Lancaster therapy office.  Faith Ann primarily does in-person therapy but will accommodate clients with online sessions.

Faith Ann Day's Specialties

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