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About Jamie Rimby

Hi, I’m Jamie Rimby!

Being a 20- or 30-something “millennial” is a unique time in your life, and along with it comes its own set of challenges. Adjusting to life after college, lackluster career options, changing relationships with parents, pressure to get married, or feeling that peers from school are “passing you by” are some examples of what we call having a “quarter-life crisis.”

Even though your struggles may be similar to other Millenials, each person has their own story. And as such, effective counseling must be as multifaceted, nuanced, and one-of-a-kind as you. I enjoy working with my young adult clients because I, too, am a member of the millennial generation. Navigating all those transitions and challenges in that short period doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Therapy can help get you on the right path.

Getting Started

Once you decide to start therapy, you and I work collaboratively to determine the direction and pace of our work. The foundation of my practice is a person-centered approach: always striving to understand your point of view, providing validation, and taking a non-judgmental stance, all while being completely genuine.

Over the years, I have been humbled by the power of balance in my professional and personal life. As a clinician, I have infused this concept into my work, providing the validating ear of a trusted confidant and the practical strategies and skills of an experienced therapist, helping you to accept and respect who you are while striving toward the goals you would like to achieve; meeting you where you are in your life right now, then walking with you to where you want to be.

Supporting Common Concerns

Some common concerns of the clients with whom I work include the following:

  • Managing transition (“Quarter Life Crisis,” life after school, career changes, starting a family, etc.)
  • Anxiety, especially surrounding making decisions (“paralysis by analysis”)
  • Difficulty saying “no” to others/feeling overbooked
  • Relationship challenges/online dating/making friends as an adult
  • Stress related to finances or school/career workload

About Me

A bit more about me — I am a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania and a National Certified Counselor. In 2011 I graduated from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA, with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Since graduation, I’ve been in practice, meeting with clients individually, facilitating groups, and providing educational programming.

Outside the office, I enjoy nature walks, trying cuisine from around the world, attempting to reach optimum caffienation, and making memories with my family and friends. I am owned by two adorable, albeit sometimes mischievous, cats. And like any stereotypical millennial, I make a mean avocado toast.

Jamie Rimby Availability

Jamie Rimby is available for online therapy sessions to anyone in Pennsylvania.

PA License #PC008792

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