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MFC Year in Review & What’s New for 2023

January 2023 Blog: MFC Year in Review

MFC Year 2022 in Review

Happy New Year! This month, I reflect on what we have accomplished at Move Forward Counseling in 2022 and make goals for 2023. I am so proud of what we have achieved and the excellent staff that makes MFC the outstanding practice it is. The following are some highlights from 2022.

How We Supported Our Clients’ Mental Health

  • In 2022, we provided 26,258 therapy sessions, and 1,730 new clients started therapy (when many other organizations had waiting lists)!
  • At any one time, MFC had approximately 1,500 active clients.
  • Through client satisfaction surveys, it was reported that x/y would recommend MFC to their friends or family.
  • We have a large capacity to provide telehealth services, reducing the barrier to accessing therapy.
  • We now serve clients located all over Pennsylvania.
  • We hired our first pre-licensed therapist to offer low-cost services to the community.

How We Supported Our Staff

Treating our staff well is a reputation we have developed over the last several years. As such, we are always looking for ways to improve the workplace culture and what we do for our staff.  Here are some of the ways we made improvements to our practice.
  • This year, we added additional benefits to our employee package, including employer-paid life insurance.
  • We promoted two of our therapists to clinical supervisors and hired another clinical supervisor and 14 new therapists this year.
  • MFC became an approved provider of continuing education credits, and we began offering free training to our clinical staff.
  • MFC paid for three therapists to complete a highly specialized training called EMDR, which helps to treat trauma.
  • At the end of 2022, we won our 2nd “Best Place to Work” Award from Lancaster Newspapers!

How We Improved to Meet the Growing Demand for Mental Health Services

Never have we seen such a huge demand for mental health services as we are now in the wake of the pandemic. Here is how we served the community to the best of our ability.
  • We opened a new physical office in Hershey, PA, and Pittsburgh, PA. We have plans to open an office in the suburbs of Allentown at the beginning of 2023.
  • In the fall, we launched a new website with a new URL ( to reflect our transition to a state-wide practice.
  • We restructured and expanded our administrative team to form separate scheduling and billing teams to provide better service to our clients.

How else did we improve to meet the demand?

The MFC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This new 2022 program enables employers to provide three free therapy sessions to their employees for only $50/employee/year.  If you are interested in adding EAP benefits to your company, visit our EAP page to learn more.

What’s New in 2023

January is when we focus on hiring to continue filling out the clinical teams and the new offices we have established.  MFC now has therapy offices in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and soon to be Allentown (2023).   In addition, we have new initiatives we are considering, one of which includes starting an Internship Program at MFC.
One of my primary tasks as CEO is to pay attention to the different trends and changes in healthcare.  These changes affect us and seem always to be changing. This year, one of my goals is to continue advocating for our staff and clients. One way we are doing that is by supporting mental health legislation. To learn more about our efforts surrounding this, check out our new advocacy webpage on our website:
I am encouraged about the future and am excited you are following along with us on this journey!
All the best to you in 2023!
Alison Pidgeon
CEO, Founder, and Owner
January Newsletter Blog
January Newsletter Blog


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