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How Helping Your Employees Care for Mental Health Can Help Your Business

How Helping Your Employees Care for Mental Health Can Help Your Business optimized

Whether on the job or off, stress and mental illness like anxiety and depression can have big implications for your employees and how they do their jobs. Implementing employee assistance programs, also known as EAPs, can help support employees’ and their families’ mental health and ultimately help your business. 

Mental health is a continuous and growing problem in the United States. Approximately one in five adults report struggling with a mental illness, with many more out there who haven’t reported their struggles. In 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic which has only worsened mental health for many, nearly 50 million Americans had reported a mental illness. 

It comes as no surprise that helping your employees gain access to mental health care means healthier, happier, and more productive employees. At Move Forward Counseling in Lancaster and Hershey, and around Pennsylvania through our online platforms, our therapists frequently work with clients receiving services as part of an EAP. 

Here are some of the benefits employee assistance programs can have for your business:

1.) Stress Management

2019 Paychex survey found 70% of respondents felt their workload was excessive and stressful. While work can be stressful, it is often the combination of work and home stress that can pile up on an employee. They may feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and unable to keep up. They may struggle, especially as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, with work/life balance, increased anxiety, personal health issues, and caring for family members. EAPs give employees access to mental health services at a reduced cost so they may receive proper care for their mental health. Combatting stress and learning healthy coping techniques can help your employees to feel calmer, more in control, and ultimately more productive when on the job. 

workplace stress EAP

2.) Decreased Absenteeism

If your employees feel better, are less depressed or anxious, and are more positive about life in general, they will be less likely to call in sick to work or fail to show up. Access to the proper resources can help employees to mitigate unhealthy stress levels, save time, and gain the tools they need to care for themselves. As a result, they will feel better, have greater energy levels, and be more willing to go to work each day. 

3.) Reduced Workplace Accidents

Healthier, calmer, clearer-headed, centered employees are more likely to work safer than those who have mental fog and are feeling overwhelmed. Getting your employees the proper mental health care can reduce on-the-job accidents and workers comp claims. 

4.) Greater Employee Retention

Happier employees who get good benefits are much more likely to stick around a job long-term. EAPs can help to empower employees to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. By offering EAPs to your employees you are demonstrating that you care about your employees’ well-being which can increase feelings of loyalty.

workplace stress EAP

5.) More Affordable Resources

Providing health care coverage for employees can be a costly expense but when combined with EAPs those costs can be better managed. Employees who use EAPs can receive advice, support, and resources to support their physical and mental health before those issues become a health care claim. It is a more proactive way to support your employees’ health.

6.) Help Addressing Workplace Concerns

Employers who offer EAPs have a resource to turn to when an employee is struggling with performance issues or is disclosing personal issues on the job. The employer can suggest the employee use the EAP benefits to resolve those concerns. 

Helping your employees to feel their best in work and in life can help your business to operate better. 

If you are an employee with an EAP and you are looking for mental health assistance, we can help. Call us today at 717-462-7003 x1 and get started to feeling your best.

Ready to begin counseling in Pennsylvania? 

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