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9 Things Women Who’ve Found Peace Believe

9 Things Women Who’ve Found Peace Believe

These days it can feel like we, as women, are pulled in a million different directions at once — caregiver, housekeeper, cook, school teacher, taxi driver, house manager, career, etc. It is no surprise that we often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a way to find peace in your life—it all comes down to your perception and the way you approach the day-to-day. 

At Move Forward we have compiled a list of things women who have found internal peace believe. These are rules they follow in their lives to limit stress and truly enjoy life. But, sometimes it takes a little more than a written list to change your beliefs. If you are someone who needs a little extra guidance to find peace in your life, you may want to consider meeting with a counselor through online therapy.

Here are some things women who have successfully found peace believe:

1.) It is not worth worrying about things you cannot control.

There is so much in this life we cannot control, yet we spend so much time worrying about these things. Think about all the wasted energy? You can’t control if the sun is shining, your child gets sick at school, your alarm clock breaks, the mail is delivered late, etc. We get so frustrated and stressed over so many of these things. So instead of letting all the things you can’t control rule your thoughts, accept them for what they are and let them go.

women peace stress

2.) Take each day as it comes. 

We spend so much time worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. We are so focused on to-do lists and all the things we must get done. Instead, try to practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Each day is a new start. Things will happen and unfold as the day goes on, handle them at that time.

3.) Accept the past and move on. 

We cannot change what happened yesterday. It is that simple. There is no time machine. So, if we can’t alter history then why are we so stressed about it. Accept that what happened happened, forgive yourself, forgive others, then move forward with your life. 

4.) Be true to yourself. 

You know what feels right to you. You know yourself. You are beautiful and unique in your own way, don’t let anyone change that. Don’t alter your sense of self to “fit in” or for anyone else. To be at peace with yourself you must honor your sense of self. If you are not a glitter and bows type of person then don’t feel the need to jump on that bandwagon because other people are doing it. If you prefer a night in and a good book over a night on the town, honor that desire. 

5.) Self-care is vital to happiness and deserves priority. 

We can’t stress self-care enough. As women, especially, we are always putting other’s needs above our own. Someone once said to me “a mom’s hobbies are the first to go.” But why? If there is something you enjoy doing then why can’t you make it a priority to still include it in your life? Take the time for yourself. Rest, relax, go to bed early, exercise, take a break. 

self-care woman peace

6.) Always be kind to yourself.

Have you ever thought about the way you talk to yourself? Would you even consider saying those things to your worst enemy? Why are we so mean to ourselves? You might think your brain knows you don’t mean it but that’s not true. The more you say things internally, the more your subconscious starts to believe them. You deserve to be happy, so be kind to yourself. Always.

7.) Do what you love.

This life is short. It doesn’t go on forever, unfortunately. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. Stop putting off all the things you love and start doing them. 

8.) If it brings you down, let it go. 

There are toxic people and toxic things in this world. That is why it is important to identify the things that bring you down and then get away from them. Maybe it is a class you signed up for that you dread or a person that is always criticizing you. Maybe it is an item in your home or a substance you are putting in your body. Whatever it is, if it brings you down it isn’t worth your time and energy. Let it go. 

9.) It is important to stop and smell the flowers. 

We are always moving so fast. Always thinking about what is coming next. Slow down. When was the last time you were out and you noticed the color of a building or the shape of a tree? When was the last time you soaked up the smile on your child’s face? Or the feeling of the dough when you are making bread? Slow down. Appreciate all the little beautiful things happening all around us every day and you will find peace. 

woman peace flowers

If you are struggling to find peace, consider getting help. A mental health counselor can work with you to develop a personalized plan to find contentment in your life. 

Ready to begin counseling in Pennsylvania? 

Our professionally-trained and licensed counselors have openings for online therapy. We work with clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania, including those in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Williamsport. Just call our office at 717-462-7003×1 and speak to our administrative assistant and get started to feeling better. We can help you find peace.


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