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How Online Depression Treatment Can Help Introverted Teens

How Online Depression Treatment Can Help Introverted Teens

Online therapy can be a great option for a depressed introverted teen. For starters, introverts and therapists make perfect partners. Introverts are generally deep thinkers who are highly sensitive and intelligent beings. One-on-one relationships where they can share their deep thoughts and uneasy feelings with a skilled, empathetic listener and guide for life can be the perfect combo.

Being a teen is hard enough, but being a depressed teen who is also introverted can make things even more difficult. Often the introvert will be the last to ask for help. They may sense that they don’t feel themselves, they may feel sad, overwhelmed, or low in energy but struggle on taking the steps towards healing. Asking for help can be hard but especially hard for an introvert who struggles with leaving their comfort zone. Most introverts are deeply hoping that things will work out without the need for outside assistance. Online therapy for depression can make getting help a little more accessible.

Help From Their Space

Introverts aren’t big fans of leaving their comfort zone. They prefer to stay quietly in their space where little attention is being paid to them. This can make it hard for your introverted teen to get the help they need. Online therapy allows them to receive the help they need from the comfort of their space. They don’t have to walk into a busy therapy office, speak to a receptionist, or anxiously wait for that door to open so they can speak to a therapist one-on-one. Instead, they can find a comfortable chair in their bedroom and turn on their computer to a counselor or therapist who is ready to meet them where they are.

They Will Be Listened To

Your introverted teen will be heard, for a change. Introverts grow comfortable sitting in the back of the classroom or behind the computer screen. They are used to not being the center of attention, often going unheard. Hiding in the corner may feel like a safe space but it is not the space where your teen is getting the help he/she/they needs. By meeting one-on-one with a counselor through online therapy your teen will be able to mostly remain in his/her/their comfort zone while also being heard.

It Will Give Your Teen Support 

Being an introvert can be lonely. They may long for a companion they can trust to confide in or someone who will offer them support when needed but that can be hard. Online therapy can give your teen a direct line to the support they so desire. The trained counselor or therapist knows all about the needs and qualities of an introverted teen. They will offer empathy, kindness, and guidance as your teen works on healing.

It Is All About Them

Often introverts spend a lot of time worrying about others and what others need rather than meeting their own needs. In therapy, they won’t need to be concerned about anything other than sharing their story. It is an hour that is truly all about them. That in and of itself can be a relief to the depressed introverted teen who is trying to do it all for everyone.

It may take some time for your teen to feel comfortable opening up to a counselor or therapist, and there may be some need to shop around. It is important to find a counselor or therapist that understands and appreciates your teen’s introversion while also helping them to cope and heal from depression. We suggest allowing for a few sessions to take place, and then evaluating your teen’s comfort and vulnerability level. They need to feel comfortable to get the most out of the experience.

They Will Learn Coping Tools 

Online therapy is a great way for teens who are uncertain about receiving therapy to get the tools they need to cope with depression or other mental health struggles. They can talk through their problems, gain tips and tricks on how to work through various situations, and it is done all without them having to leave home.

Introverts tend to keep emotions bottled up inside. Through online therapy, your depressed teen can learn how cathartic it is to talk about their emotions, to release them by sharing them with someone who is understanding and encouraging. Therapy will teach your teen healthy ways to express and manage their feelings that they can use for a lifetime.

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