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Our Inside and Outside Environments Affect our Mental Health

Environmental Wellness

Our Inside and Outside Environments Affect Our Mental Health

How Does Environmental Wellness Relate to Mental Health? Ensuring that people experience time outside (i.e., at parks, beaches, backyards, forests, farms, waterfronts, and gardens) can low stress, improve our mood and enhance our overall well-being.
Enjoy a few articles compiled by Move Forward Counseling on why our inside and outside environments affect our mental health and how paying attention to both is essential for mental wellness.
  • How Does Your Environment Affect Your Mental Health? 

Published by verywellmind (By Sara Lindberg, M.Ed, March 23, 2023)

The environment and mental health and intrinsically connected. The places where you spend a lot of time—home, work, school, and even socially—can significantly impact your mental well-being. In psychology, these are called environmental factors of mental health and are the main focus of study for environmental psychologists.  Read the full article.

  • Caring for the environment helps to care for your mental health

Published by the UN environment programme (Story, Air, October 10, 2019)

Up until recently, the role that a healthy environment plays in safeguarding human health had been greatly neglected, but this is changing. Little by little, both citizens and government are realizing that by helping nature, we also improve our well-being.  Read the full article.

  • How your natural environment helps your mind and body

Published by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

Built environments are the human-made places where we live, work, and socialize. Ideally, you will have some control over your home’s setup and design so that you can create spaces to recharge and relax.  Read the full article.

  • Nurtured by Nature

Published by the American Psychological Association (Written by Kirsten Weir, April 1, 2020)

Our increasing reliance on technology, combined with a global trend toward urban living, means many of us are spending ever less time outdoors—even as scientists compile evidence of the value of getting out into the natural world.  Read the full article.

Environmental Wellness
Environmental Wellness


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