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How Online Therapy Can Help New Moms

How Online Therapy Can Help New Moms

Becoming a mom is exciting and beautiful but it is also full of changes, stress, and sleepless nights. Add to those stressors the isolation and fear that comes from living during a global pandemic, COVID-19, new moms are likely suffering now more than ever. There is a solution–online therapy can help new moms. 

With as many as one in five new moms struggling with Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety, it is crucial that all parents have access to the help they need. Online therapy can be a helpful tool to connect moms to licensed mental health professionals.

1.) Online Therapy is Convenient

Navigating life with an infant is no easy feat. You are trying to plan your day around naps and feeding schedules. It can feel impossible to get out of the house. Online therapy can help new moms with that problem because it can be done anywhere. No matter if you live in Lancaster, Williamsport, Pittsburgh, Lehighton, State College, Harrisburg, or anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania Move Forward’s licensed postpartum counselors can provide support for new moms. 

You don’t need to worry about getting out of the house with all those baby things to make it to your appointment. And, you don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter. All you need is a quiet space and a working internet connection.

2.) Online Therapy is Flexible

Finding the time to schedule a counseling appointment can feel challenging no matter who you are, but even more so when your life is changing so dramatically. You are likely already juggling doctor’s appointments and diaper runs. Online therapy simplifies fitting an appointment into your day. You can schedule services when a spouse or partner is home to help minimize distractions, or you can plan for an early morning or evening call. And, if your baby wakes up while you are talking — it’s ok, we understand. Move Forward counselors want to make it convenient to fit mental health care into your life. And, don’t forget you will save time traveling to and from the office.

3.) Online Therapy is Safe 

COVID-19 is a big concern right now for everyone but maybe even more so for new moms. Online therapy can be done from the safety of your home or parked car. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear a mask or worry about coming into contact with someone who is sick.  

online therapy can help new moms

4.) Online Therapy Can Treat Anxiety and Depression


As counselors we hear it all the time — does online therapy actually work? Can it really treat my anxiety or depression? The answer is yes, if you are willing. As with all therapy, if you are willing to share what you are going through and accept help, online counseling can be an effective tool. In fact, the American Psychological Association recently published an article stating that psychotherapy delivered remotely can be as effective as in-person care. 

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression anywhere in Pennsylvania, Move Forward’s therapists can help to teach the coping skills to get you feeling your best again. 

5.) Online Therapy Gives You a Support System

Becoming a mom can leave you feeling isolated. Your friends might not have kids, your spouse or partner might not understand what you are going through. You might feel lonely. Online therapy gives you someone to talk to when you feel like you have no one to listen. Just like in-person visits, online counseling services are non-judgemental, safe spaces to share whatever ails you. No need to feel “silly” or “stupid” for feeling a certain way, those words don’t exist when it comes to mental health. You are entitled to your feelings and you are entitled to be happy, confident, and comfortable in your life. 

online therapy can help new moms

6.) Online Therapy is Private 

Online therapy follows the same protocols as in-person. All sessions are performed using a confidential HIPAA-compliant platform that is integrated in our Electronic Health Record called Theranest. As long as you can find a quiet space, you can feel free to share without fear of your information getting out. 

Ready to begin counseling in Pennsylvania? 

Our professionally-trained and licensed counselors have openings for online therapy clients! Just call our office at 717-462-7003×1 and speak to our administrative assistant to get started to feeling better. Being a new mom doesn’t have to feel this way, you can feel better. We are here to help.


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