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Category: Goal setting

Mental health and counseling blogs to help you keep learning and growing outside of sessions.

Moving Beyond The Post Graduation Blues

You’ve graduated—Congrats! You have spent your life working up to this moment. It is an exciting time full of possibilities…and sometimes stress. Much of the

The Quarter-Life Crisis

The Quarter-Life Crisis: Life after College Graduation  Hopes & Expectations  An example of the quarter-life crisis is your hope to graduate from college, expecting to find

Why Healthy Bedtime Routines Matter

Why Healthy Bedtime Routines Matter:  Ideas For Your Bedtime Routine  It Really is a Big Deal  Good quality and sufficient sleep are crucial to your



  Mindfulness An Article by Lilly Knopic, LPC, NCC In my living room, the lamp is in the furthest corner from the exit. When it

Tips for not sweating the small stuff.

Tips for Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Tips for Not Sweating the Small Stuff We have all heard the phrase before, “don’t cry over spilled milk.” But, just because we have listened

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