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Charlotte Leckow,

Director of Community Engagement

Charlotte Leckow


Director of Community Engagement


About Charlotte Leckow

I started my role with Move Forward Counseling, LLP, after working many years in communications and marketing for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. 

My passion and focus are supporting people seeking mental wellness, facing poverty, and not understanding how to access human services. 


Since May of 2022, I have been helping meet the increasing demand for mental health education and therapy in Pennsylvania.  We have online and in-person therapists whose work is the foundation of this growing PA business and a healthy community.  I look forward to the community partnerships we create, managing MFC’s website and social media, and helping MFC connect to therapists seeking jobs and clients seeking help.

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I last came from the Community Action Association of PA (CAAP) as the Communications Director. I supported and collaborated with 42 Community Action Agencies that provide programs and services at the community level, enabling Pennsylvanians to reach and maintain self-sufficiency.  Through internal and external communications, I reduced stigma through storytelling, advocated for people to seek help, and encouraged residents across PA to practice diversity, equity, and inclusion at home and in the workplace.  

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Before that, I was the Marketing Coordinator for Mental Health America of Lancaster County, managing marketing, communications, community engagement, events, and media relations.  I was a Co-Chair of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Lancaster County, creating and participating in community, educational, and stop-suicide events alongside organizations like AEVIDUMTeen Hope, and BHDS.  One of my projects was partnering with the Lancaster Veterans Affairs office to promote and distribute gun locks to the community, aiming to reduce unsecured firearms and death by firearms in our homes.  

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Managing the social media pages, website administrations, databases, media relations, and email marketing platforms has been central to helping people find, understand, and access support and help.

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