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About Sarah Roberts

Hi, Sarah Roberts (she/they).

I am an LCSW with extensive experience working with individuals facing mental health and social challenges, including depression, anxiety, life transitions, coming out to family, imposter syndrome, and existential fears.

My Experience

My prior experience includes working as a social worker in an ICU for several years before and during the Covid 19 pandemic. I also provided crisis mental health response to an emergency department of a hospital during this time. Most recently, I worked in community mental health as an outpatient therapist serving a primarily LGBTQIA+ population facing myriad mental health and social challenges. 


I have worked with clients across the lifespan, facing childhood to end-of-life planning issues. Additionally, I worked toward Covid 19 vaccination efforts as a community health worker for a federal health clinic during the initial rollout of Covid 19 vaccines.

Background Info

Before graduate school, I earned my bachelor’s of sciences in psychology and sociology from Portland State University in Portland, OR. I then graduated with my MSW in 2019 from the University of Pittsburgh, where I completed internships in public health/environmental and oncology social work. 

I moved across the United States several times by myself. I felt the challenges of seeing how people lived in different parts of the country would make me a more well-rounded person.  As a result, I particularly enjoy working with people experiencing life transitions they have chosen to take upon themselves because it aligns with their values and goals. 

My Therapy Approach

As a social worker, my approach is a holistic and multi-leveled exploration of you and your place in the world. I often explore with clients how forces like systematic oppression, history, culture, biology, family history, physical health, spirituality, gender, and other factors impact their lives and mental health. 

Often, there isn’t much we can do to drastically change these larger societal issues like poverty, intergenerational trauma, racism, homophobia, or ableism. However, by acknowledging these forces’ impact on us, we begin to have greater self-compassion and likely greater empathy for those around us. We can also decide what, if anything, we want to do to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.’ 

Masking Preference

At this time, Sarah’s personal policy is for clients to be masked in her office: She will also wear a mask. If you do not wish to wear a mask, please book via Telehealth or reach out to another provider who has a more liberal policy. Thank you for being so understanding.”

PA License #CW022952


Sarah Roberts is available to provide telehealth sessions to anyone living in Pennsylvania and in-person sessions at the Pittsburgh therapy office.

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