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Nikole Klatka,

MS, MFC Pre-Licensed Therapist

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MS, MFC Pre-Licensed Therapist

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About Nikole Klatka

Hi, I’m Nikole Klatka (Nikki)!

My Experience

Through my own experience, I discovered that the key to improving my mental health was to improve all other aspects of my well-being. Knowing I am not alone in my experiences, I began teaching others what I had learned in hopes that they could overcome some of their mental health symptoms too. Eventually, these early life experiences led me to become a mental health professional.


In May 2022, I received my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lock Haven University. Although I recently graduated, I have years of experience in the mental and behavioral health field working with children and adolescents, college students, and adults who experience difficulties with anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, and autism symptoms. While I have experience treating various mental health conditions and symptoms, my focus areas include anxiety, relationship issues, grief and loss, trauma, and depression. Additionally, I work mainly from a CBT approach and utilize solution-focused and mindfulness-based modalities to help my clients reach their goals. Despite this, I will constantly tailor my approach to treatment based on my client’s needs to ensure an individual’s unique needs are met.

About Me

When I’m not providing therapy, I spend my time reading, doing yoga, playing with my pup, exploring new places, bingeing Netflix and Hulu shows, and buying more plants (you can never have enough).  Ultimately, what you can expect from me is authenticity and a comforting space where you can express your innermost thoughts and emotions and be your true self.

My Pre-Licensed Therapy

Note: At MFC, if you are seeing a Pre-Licensed Therapist, know that we are very selective in our hiring process and work extremely closely with the supervising clinician to ensure their development and the quality of the treatment they deliver. Not all insurances will reimburse for Pre-Licensed therapists, so it is essential to talk with our administrative staff to see if a pre-licensed clinician is the best fit for you. We set the private pay-per-session rates for a pre-licensed therapist significantly lower than our seasoned and licensed therapists. This can mean significant financial savings when looking at the long-term costs of seeking treatment. We have found that many people will opt to see a pre-licensed clinician who is not paneled with their insurance company because the per-session rate can be lower than the copay or cost of counseling using their high deductible plans.


Nikole Klatka offers therapy throughout Pennsylvania.

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