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Therapy Techniques:

CBT, Mindfulness

About Athena Lawrence

Hi, I am Athena Lawrence!

My Background

My work has allowed me the experience working with individuals from all different backgrounds and experiences. I began practicing in an inpatient facility specializing in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. I mainly worked with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, codependency, behavioral addiction, and personality disorders. I also specialize in working with clients struggling with relational issues and divorce.

Developing a Relationship with Ourselves

I view people through the lens of attachment, and our most important relationship and attachment is one that we develop with ourselves. We tend to feel lost and disconnected from ourselves, which can lead us to therapy. I work to help my clients develop a secure base within themselves to move through the world authentically and genuinely.

Substance Abuse Specialty

Throughout my work with clients struggling with substance use, I have obtained my CAADC. I am passionate about the specific needs and challenges that substance use can bring. I utilize tools such as motivational interviewing, resource identification, and moderation management to help clients work through their relationship with substances and regain control of their lives.

Athena  Lawrence Availability

Athena Lawrence is available for online teletherapy for anyone in Pennsylvania.

PA License #PC013501

Athena Lawrence's Specialties

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